Yolcu Iskender

Software Architect, Lead Developer


  • Team leader and lead developer - Payment Integrations Team

    JotForm Inc

    Mar 2017 - Present

    Team leader and lead developer for payment integrations.
    My work on this task is to create a optimised way to enable smooth payment gateway integrations in to our new codebase.
    The work involves changes to the backend API as well as writing new react components.

    I'm improving the way used to integrate payment gateways and found new methods that dramatically speed up the process. I've integrated ways for the users to automatically test their payment integrations and verify that they work correctly.

    I've written internal tools that simplify the process working with and on payment integrations. The payment integrations dashboard project, that I've carried over from my previous role proved to be very useful. It is being developed actively with new features added every week.

    I'm experimenting with fintech technologies related to blockchain and various cryptocurrencies on my free time.

  • Team Leader and Lead Developer - Platforms Team


    San Francisco, Ankara

    May 2015 - Present

    Team leader and lead developer. Managed a cross-functional team. In my task as lead developer for the Platforms Team, I've re-written key parts of the app in React. It is being used by over 10.000 users a day. My team and I created a highly maintainable version of the ancient JavaScript code separating UI and code in React.

    I've also worked on the payment integrations part and made significant improvements including adding new payment gateways to the live system. I've written a dashboard that analysed and gathered statistics of sales data worth millions of USD. This way I found realistic ways to increase the user count and increase sales for JotForm.

    I've found and fixed critical security vulnerabilities that were all related to payment integrations.

    All my decisions I've made throughout the process were based on a dataset with over 1 billion rows.

    FullStory, Keen, Amplitude, NoSQL, MySQL, AWS, React, PHP, PSR

  • Advisor



    Mar 2012 - Nov 2015

    I've advised this company in the field of software through series A and B rounds of funding.
    The company raised a total of 485.000 EUR.

    Created a strategy that utilized mobile sales resulting in sales increases from 40 to 80.

  • Lead developer, Product Manager



    Dec 2012 - May 2015

    Lead developer and product manager.
    Rebuilt the vanilla PHP code in MVC PHP and AngularJS.

    Served 21.337 academical visitors and processed over 10.000.000 EUR in ticket sales.

    Created a SEO strategy that raised relevant traffic from 1k a month to 5k a month in 2 years.

  • Freelance

    Frankfurt am Main

    Apr 2002 - Present

    Created marketing and SEO strategy for kilifvekapak.com raising annual sales from 60.000 EUR to 400.000 EUR.

    Wrote gateway plugins for WordPress that have processed over 4.000.000 EUR in total.

    Wrote malware detection code for WordPress that is able to find, decrypt and disinfect PHP files.


  • Hacettepe University

    2005 - 2010

    Bachelor of Education
    Learned how to establish clear communication with students. Studied works of important personas including but not limited to Goethe, Schiller, Lessing, Chomsky.

    Digital Photography
    Curated two exhibitions which where visited by 1500 people.

    Worked with the Professor and created products (digital campaigns). Learned to understand requirements and produce a finished product, prepare the product and generate sales.


  • OnlinePayment.io

    Convert your website into an e-commerce shop within minutes.

    Accept credit card payments on your website with ease. Supports all major payment gateway integrations.

    Works with any website platform.

  • Credit Card Gateway Project

    Creating a middleware that works with the most popular payment gateways in the world using a unified API.

    Key parts of this project are to integrate all renown gateways in a single way. This payment framework acts as a middleware and is used by many projects and applications of my own.

    I've developed this project for internal use and it is still being used today.

  • ServerMonitoring.io

    Server and website monitoring app built as side project.

    Drafted, built and shipped this side-project in 2 weeks. Built it as a complete product including all marketing aspects and payment gateways.

    Created a simple and robust automated advertiser using IFTT and Buffer.

    Sent 92.366 email alerts to customers. Initiated 2.484.981 website checks.

    CodeIgniter as API backend, MySQL, AngularJS, and Mandrill.

    I've decided to end the project in early 2017 to focus on my main project OnlinePayment.io.

  • Latte42.com

    Drafted, built and shipped this project as a freshman. Fully bootstrapped.

    Created a automatized process for user engagement and reviving of churned users.

    Tinder 2011 edition. Hosted 1021 meet-ups with 2042 people. Served 481.591 unique visitors in 1 day with a conversion rate of 1%.

    Backend CodeIgniter, MySQL, jQuery, Mandrill, Facebook API, MixPanel, LuckyOrange.

    I've discontinued the project in May 2012.


  • Behat, PhpSpec, PHPUnit, PHPStorm
  • JavaScript, Vue, React
  • GIT, Continuous Integration, Laravel Forge, Jenkins
  • Mocha, Chai, TestCafe, Mink, CasperJS, Selenium
  • Slim, Symfony, Laravel
  • MySQL, NoSQL, Firebase
  • FullStory, MixPanel, KissMetrics, Keen.io, Amplitude
  • Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu
  • Payments, Cryptography, Security