Shivkanth Bagavathy


Engineering and Product. Constantly building and learning. Shipped over a dozen products/features last year. More at


  • Software Engineer

    StdLib | San Francisco, CA

    Jan 2018 - Apr 2018

    Completely redesigned, introduced developer profiles, streamlined three-column API service pages, improved user onboarding, organized service discovery and more.

  • Software Engineer

    Paradox AI | Scottsdale, AZ

    Jun 2016 - Jan 2018

    Full stack engineer with R&D at, building Olivia, a virtual recruiting assistant. Built and integrated smart scheduling, a feature that automatically schedules meetings and interviews based on the recruiters free time.

  • Research & Teaching Assistant

    University of Arizona | Tucson, AZ

    Jan 2015 - May 2016

    TA for Computer Networks and RA focussed on smart health care systems and wearables. Worked on a novel idea and prototype that enabled capturing and analyzing Ekg data realtime with only 6 leads.

  • Product Development

    UFree, LLC (now acquired) | Tucson, Arizona

    Oct 2014 - Oct 2015

    Lead the Product and development. Also lead a group of 4 students at Arizona State University as part of their Capstone project with UFree.

  • Software Engineer Intern

    Recruiting Ventures | Scottsdale, AZ

    May 2015 - Aug 2015

    Added new features to the CRM for, improved the job seeker experience and also shipped HireStory, the video recruiting platform under Recruiting Ventures.


  • University of Arizona

    Masters in Computer Science

    2014 - 2016

  • Eller College of Management

    Masters in Entrepreneurship | McGuire Centre for Entrepreneurship.

    2015 - 2016


  • Winner, Thryve Incubator

    Startup Tucson, Aug 2015

    Awarded by Wasabi Ventures, a VC firm based out of Phoenix, AZ.

  • Best Software hack

    Hack Arizona, Mar 2015

    Eventify is an app designed to simplify and streamline events with Uber and Google Maps integration.

  • Winner, 1000 Pitches

    Innovate UA, Dec 2014

    Winner at the largest student pitch competition at UofA for a hydroponic planting system.


  • Fuzzy Inference model for Medical diagnosis

    Co-Inventor | Patent Pending

    Handheld diagnostic tool that uses fuzzy logic for disease diagnosis.

  • Privacy in Offloading Data from Mobile to Cloud

    Co-Author | International Journal IJARCCE

    A novel way of maintaining privacy when data is offloaded from a mobile device to the cloud.

  • Wonder Bot

    Built Wonder, a bot that helps you remember things you easily forget. Featured on TechCrunch, Yahoo News etc. Wonder is an official partner on Google Home and on Facebook Messenger. Currently over 100,000 users.

  • IBM Watson

    A watson like Information Retrieval system written in Java that answered Jeopardy questions.

  • Virtual Router

    A fully functional internet router with PWOSPF protocol that is capable of handling real world traffic. Implementation in C.

  • Botlytics

    Simple to use Bot Analytics tool. Track messages, conversations, retention etc. Recently crossed 5 Million API requests.

  • Hybrid Encrypted Chat

    DES for encryption/decryption and RSA for sharing the DES key between the 2 parties.

  • Balloon

    A dropbox for your Dropbox. An app that lets you push files to some else’s dropbox by a simple drag and drop. Featured on Gizmodo, LifeHacker to name a few.


  • C++ • JavaScript • Python • Java • Ruby • C# • Objective-c • CSS
  • Node • Angular • Express • Apache Lucene • Django • React
  • MySQL • MongoDB • Postgres • MSSQL • Redis
  • Project Management • Sketch • UX • Keynote • Framer • •
  • Xcode • Git • IntelliJ • MSSQL Server • AWS • Heroku