Ryan Jafari

Product Manager


At 24, I printed out my resume, took the train into Manhattan, and knocked on the doors of web design firms marketing web development services for hire. In six months I built a company that would go on to help nearly two dozen startups to market, supporting a small team for about five years in the process. I've nurtured many different products under three principles: one, to leverage data, intuition, and core values in product design; two, technology exists to simplify our interface with the data and algorithms that power it; and three, to treat each business I grow with the same energy I did while launching my own that cold day in December.


  • Senior Director (Product Delivery)

    Dev Bootcamp

    Wall Street, NY

    Mar 2016 - Present

    The first immersive coding school and the only program to cultivate developers with in-demand technical and interpersonal skills.

    - Directed an 18-week web developer bootcamp with up to 60 students under my care at any given time.
    - Attained an average of +85 NPS in the week following the program, considered "world-class" by global NPS standards.
    - Helped ~270 students change careers, generating nearly $4mm in revenue over the course of 1 year.
    - Prioritized the work of ~20 direct reports in the operations, teaching, marketing, admissions, and career development functions.
    - Tracked team progress against enrollment, revenue, operating income, NPS, and career outcomes KPIs.
    - Streamlined vendor, staffing, event, and marketing expenses, saving 15% monthly against a $3.3mm yearly budget.
    - Reduced costs by ~$6,000 per month and improved student learning support by architecting a more efficient mentor program.
    - Recruited 6 software developer instructors with a combined ~30 years experience at Microsoft, NASA, and the United Nations.
    - Spearheaded a curriculum upgrade to JavaScript with React and Node to train students in market-ready technologies.
    - Coached team through organizational restructuring, leadership changes, and an increased workload.
    - Instituted a “burnout-resistant” teacher scheduling system and structured and guided professional development time.
    - Recognized consistently by executives as the leader of a happy, self-sufficient team dedicated to each other and the customer.

  • Product Manager

    Tanooki Labs

    Flatiron District, NY

    May 2015 - Mar 2016

    CTO-level technical and product strategy firm, partnering with entrepreneurs to unlock a new wave of East Coast innovation.

    - Assembled the development team for iteration planning, daily stand up, weekly retrospective, and release planning meetings.
    - Reprioritized work, removed blockers, and aligned talent to task to facilitate expedient shipment of features and bug fixes.
    - Mediated between executives, designers, and developers to produce informed product roadmaps and functional specs.
    - Reconciled customer feedback, esoteric designs, and technical limitations into clear user stories.
    - Educated entrepreneurs and their teams on Scrum, product management, and the nuances of working with developers.
    - Mapped out a UX interaction tree for a complex JavaScript trip planner, saving it from the sideline weeks before launch.

  • Product Manager, UX Designer, Front-end Developer

    Ryan & Carlos

    Madison Avenue, NY

    Dec 2010 - May 2015

    Lean Startup, design, and development team working with entrepreneurs to roadmap products and execute on technology.

    - Founded a Ruby on Rails web development consultancy for self-funded to growth/early-stage startups.
    - Expanded project budgets from $1,000 per project to projects over $300,000 in under three years.
    - Wrote functional specs, product roadmaps, and user stories to lead over 20 products through agile development.
    - Launched self-funded startups from ideas to market while applying Lean Startup techniques to keep costs as low as possible.
    - Shipped flagship features as both front-end developer and UX designer: wizards, form builders, and advanced search.
    - Achieved 100% fidelity to source designs while maintaining readable, easy-to-modify, and reusable code.
    - Coded a library of HTML and CSS-based UI components that shaved hours off of development time.
    - Engineered one self-funded client from mockups in Photoshop to a user experience A/B tested against a user base of 20,000.
    - Developed a Ruby job to import and sync data from a legacy .NET vacation planning system to a new Rails production database.

  • Back-end Developer

    Firstborn Multimedia

    Hell's Kitchen, NY

    Jul 2008 - Jul 2010

    Strategic design and technology company creating interactive experiences that build brands and grow businesses.

    - Leveraged C#, ASP.NET, and MSSQL to offer a candy manufacturer metrics and data visualizations to track performance of ads.
    - Employed Java, JSP, and MySQL to create a shopping cart and accompanying PDF print outs for a manufacturer of light bulbs.
    - Utilized ActionScript and Flex to allow a men's products manufacturer to easily manipulate content on their microsite.
    - Established production environments for an automobile manufacturer, removing their need to support this in-house.
    - Patched a JVM memory leak that threatened to grind live servers to a halt during a campaign's Yahoo page takeover.


  • New York University

    BS, Computer Science, Psychology

    2004 - 2008

    - Specialized in computer graphics, game design, and database systems.
    - Created JavaScript games and Perl CGI based search engines.
    - Built software based experiments in behavioral Economics.
    - Minored in psychology with studies in personality, perception, and cognition.


  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Java
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Git