Marylou Lenhart

Software Engineer

Pittsburgh, PA

I am a dancer-turned-computer-programmer who also has trained to teach yoga, and has a talk/workshop about posture for engineers. I have experience working in web development frameworks like Ruby on Rails as well as backend micro services with Go. I am primarily interested in learning new technologies so I can solve interesting real-world problems. I care about making tech a more welcoming field for marginalized groups and have worked with local tech meet up groups to work toward that goal. Hire me if you want an enthusiastic learner and collaborator with a unique perspective.

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  • Software Engineer

    Stitch Fix

    San Francisco, CA (Remote)

    Jan 2018 - Present

    * I took on a Project Lead position on my team for the latter portion of the project for warehouse changes needed to launch the new Kids business line. Duties included running stand ups and working with business partners to determine priority of tasks, as well as work on IC tasks. The Kids launch opened up a $34 billion market.

    * I led a project to redesign warehouse picking carts to improve ergonomics and walking distance, which yielded an annual savings of $2 million. Worked with business partners to define the scope of changes needed.

    * I learned both Go and Swift.

  • Software Engineer


    San Francisco, CA (Remote)

    Nov 2016 - Jan 2018

    • In the first month of employment, I was asked to co-lead my team. Duties included scrum master and engineering advocate.
    • I designed and implemented most of the customer-facing API for managing users on an account. This API has two main parts. The first is a basic API open to all customers. The second is part of an integration with a customer, and used internally to communicate between the basic API and the customer's pre-existing internal tools for user management.
    • I de-extracted an internal gem that was created to encompass many JavaScript libraries. 3 years prior, determined which libraries were still used, and brought those libraries bak into the Rails assets pipeline via the Gemfile and the vendor assets structure. Challenges included staying in compliance while adding a lot of code back into the codebase, and maintaining backward compatibility.
    • I identified and addressed a lack in deployment documentation. By creating the documentation, I made the complex process easier to perform without error, and possible to distribute tasks across team members. I identified and addressed similar needs in the team, including the Kanban process.

  • Software Design Engineer

    MAYA Design

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Feb 2016 - Aug 2016

    • I rebuilt the internal timesheet system in Ember.js and Python.
    • I worked with a client to help combine their brands into one umbrella website,, in Wordpress.
    • I built the website (using Kirby) for the SmartPgh Initiative project with the City of Pittsburgh. I gave my team instruction in Accessibility in Web Development. My teaching made it possible for the team to design and build the site in a way that supported more of the userbase.
    • I prototyped a new interface with expanded behavior for one of the company's clients. My work helped the client revamp their digital ecosystem.
    • I participated in a workshop about company values and provided actionable feedback on how to improve diversity.

  • Software Engineer

    WhiteHat Security

    Santa Clara, CA (Remote)

    Jul 2014 - Nov 2015

    • My first week on the job was spent in Santa Clara, CA. I led an internal Ruby/Rails training workshop on my first day for employees interested in learning the technology.
    • I wrote code with a team responsible for rewriting an existing customer-facing application in Ruby on Rails. The product was unusable by customers due to its slow performance, and our work was crucial for further feature development on the application.
    • As a team, we took pride on fostering a collaborative and respectful environment, and contributed to coding and development-process best practices and guidelines. We performed peer code reviews regularly, and also used them as learning tools. I contributed to our documentation on writing good commit messages, and helped us to stay organized and up-to-date with the Product Management team.
    • I contributed a significant refactor of internals to use more idiomatic ruby and single responsibility principles.
    • We successfully delivered a rewrite of two main sections of our customer-facing application, providing significant performance gains, and increasing business value of the product. We continued to work closely with the Design and Product Management team to rewrite the remaining parts of the customer-facing application according to customer feedback. Promoted in 2015.

  • Software Engineer


    Pittsburgh, PA

    May 2014 - May 2015

  • Software Engineer

    NewCare Solutions

    Oakmont, PA

    May 2013 - May 2014

  • Software Engineer


    Cranberry, PA

    Apr 2010 - May 2012


  • University of Pittsburgh

    Computer Science

    2006 - 2009

    Minor in French
    Overall GPA: 3.4
    Honors: Dean's List of Distinguished Students, Moyé Research Scholarship


  • Ruby (Rails, REST APIs)
  • Go
  • Swift
  • JavaScript (JQuery, CoffeeScript, Vue.js, Ember.js)
  • TDD (RSpec, Cucumber, Capybara)
  • SQL (MySQL, Postgresql)
  • Front End (HTML, CSS, SASS)
  • Version Control (Github)
  • PHP (Wordpress, Kirby)
  • LaTeX
  • Python