Marcus Bizal

Full-Stack Code Alchemist ⚗️


“Alchemist - A person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process.” — I am an agile full-stack developer with a passion for learning by experience. I believe that the only true way to learn is by doing, making mistakes, and applying knowledge gained to develop myself and those I connect with. I enjoy using my skill set to transform mere ideas into functional & aesthetic products. I am currently seeking to join a remote team solving problems with modern JS + React/Redux + Node.


  • Software Engineer

    Booz Allen Hamilton

    Charleston, SC

    May 2017 - Present

    Worked as a full-stack developer supporting two different government projects both providing Veterans with benefits.

    • Worked on teams utilizing Agile/Scrum methodologies and rituals.
    • Developed dependency-less data tables in raw JavaScript within project constraints.
    • Collaborated with and supported QAs in creation of automated tests.
    • Investigated and remedied defects.
    • Bootstrapped internal project to create/edit files using proprietary format using React/Redux. Saving time and frustration during testing.
    • Introduced team members to modern JS + React/Redux + Node stack.
    • Documented and maintained inherited code base with very little existing documentation.
    • Worked with a Spring Integration pipeline to ingest, parse, and persist files over an SFTP transport.

    Technologies: Java, Spring, Oracle, WebLogic, JavaScript, React, Redux, Node


  • Trident Technical College

    Associate of Applied Science: Computer Programming

    2014 - 2016

    - Retained dean's list status throughout my career.
    - Graduated with a 3.9 GPA.


  • Raiders


    An experiment aimed at recreating LEGO Rock Raiders (LRR) using browser based technologies. Initially developed natively in C++ and OpenGL, but later moved to JavaScript, Node.js, and WebGL for faster paced development.

    • Developed a command line conversion tool to convert binary .map files used in LRR to a JSON format usable by Raiders.
    • Progressive optimization of terrain geometry generation and rendering.
    • Created a small independent library for configurable soundscapes and integrated it into Raiders.
    • Optimized poly-count of models using Blender without sacrificing likeness to actual LEGO models.

  • My Terminal


    My first Codepen; a functional mockup of iTerm on Mac OS X with pluggable commands.

    • Written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a single night.
    • Was featured on the front page of Codepen and amassed 6000+ views and 170+ "loves."