Cristian Giordano

Full Stack Development Lead


A highly experienced, consistent back-end developer with a web applications degree. Combining a deep, extensive knowledge of the latest break-through techniques and technologies with strong problem solving skills to create solutions that deliver greater impact and increased efficiency for clients. Furthermore, having excellent communication skills demystifies complex technologies to clients, helping them to feel confident and empowered in choices and decisions made, and increase progress on their digital transformation journeys.


  • Senior / Lead Fullstack Developer



    Aug 2021 - Present

    Working with a product owner, designers and other developers to rebuild the existing product with human centered design. This involves interacting with in-house APIs to ensure a scaleable architecture and solution using serverless functions paired with headless CMS and statically generated Next.js frontend.

  • Senior / Lead Fullstack Developer

    Here I Am Studios


    Aug 2021 - Present

    Ongoing maintenance and feature development of their custom SaaS multi-lingual research tool built for analysis, remote data collection and transcription. Most recently a new Oauth2 authenticated REST API was built to pair with the native android app supporting multiple tenants.

  • Senior Fullstack Developer



    Apr 2021 - Aug 2021

    Superscript are an insure-tech startup with rapid growth, during my time I undertook agile development of rebuilding an existing microservice architecture into hybrid event sourced macro services. Integrated third party APIs (HubSpot, Chargebee etc). Reviewed and mentored multiple developers and their PRs. Ran pair programming sessions. Ported features from existing production services into the new build. Having responsibility to work with product managers, quality assurance we shipped and managed our own tickets.

  • Backend Development Lead

    Maido (1y 5m)


    Sep 2019 - Apr 2021

    Responsibility for design, implementation and maintenance of the infrastructure and technical implementation, ensuring high availability, extensibility and resilience. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with Maido’s lead front-end developer to ensure seamless integration and delivery of digital products and services, precisely adhering to partner project and delivery requirements.

  • Technical Lead / Founder

    Sneek Digital (8y 2m)


    Jun 2011 - Aug 2019

    Managed software development lifecycle from initial requirements through deployment and further evolution. Mentored three developers with varying skill levels and abilities (both backend and frontend). Sustained and grew client relationships to plan future feature development. Attended client workshops to better understand their vision for the product. Created and maintained company and client DevOps infrastructure.

  • Full Stack Developer

    Eclipse Creative (2y 7m)

    Mychett, Surrey

    Apr 2009 - Nov 2011

    As a full stack developer, tasked to convert supplied designs and requirements into websites or applications. This ranged from simple bespoke WordPress templates through to custom applications written using a variety of tools. To better facilitate partner and internal communication, wrote an application to manage company requests and client approval.


  • University of Plymouth

    Web Applications Development

    2008 - 2011


  • Bespoke Insurance Policy Management System


    Tasked with a modernisation of a 10 year old bespoke business application, Cris gathered requirements and ran the project in iterative sprints delivering MVP within six months. The MVP allowed full integration of their existing website through the entire purchase process allowing returning customers to purchase products. The next year was focused on adding their additional product catalog, migrating customers and additional features not originally scoped for.

    The application was built from scratch using test driven development to ensure high quality fully tested software. It housed many complex systems such as bespoke complex pricing algorithms, policy renewals, customer communications, B2B referrals, payments and reporting.

    During the development we mentored the inhouse development team allowing for a seamless transition at the end of the project.

  • TEGA


    The TEGA application comprises a backend CMS supported with a variety of native Android applications. The existing developers required help to further and meet the demands of the ever growing project. During many months of development a multitude of features were added. Automated test coverage was increased to nearly 80%. The base framework was upgraded multiple times. The CMS frontend was enhanced with the integration of a modern JavaScript framework. All while maintaining a fully backwards compatible API to prevent disruption of the TEGAs. The application was later moved to a Dockerise environment allowing magnitudes of scale.

  • Thought for Food - Digital Labs

    Thought for Food

    Production of a headless learning management system utilising Laravel Nova. A bespoke custom flexible content package was created allowing CMS editors to dynamically build pages and allow full control over all of the content. The system allowed tracking of progress through each course, accepting submissions and featured varoius user roles and permissions.

  • Help to Care


    Tasked by the NHS to create a platform to help carers gain custom information for their patients. The applications needed to work offline and thus we built two native applications (iOS and Android) which pulled data from a WordPress, serving as a headless CMS. The native applications feature background data synchronisation with localised services. The WordPress CMS featured flexible dynamic content using a custom wrapper for an existing package. Cris used PHPUnit and TDD to develop the wrapper.

  • Access All Asos


    ASOS ventured into building an influencer programme which demanded a highly resilient and scalable solution. Prospective influencers could send through their applications allowing administrators to shortlist and approve via the CMS. Influencer applications were enhanced through the integration of Twitter and Instagram web services. The application was built using WordPress and hosted with Rackspace cloud.

  • Drupal to WordPress custom ecommerce

    Environmental Transport Association

    The ETA needed an upgrade to their existing site. It was using a complex unfriendly CMS and the purchase process was long and daunting. Cris and his team migrated their custom ecommerce platform and content built in Drupal to WordPress. The commerce flows were redesigned and rebuilt reducing the number of steps from ~12 to 3 leading to an increase in conversions. A custom pricing algorithm was written to match their internal bespoke system. The platform was integrated into the internal system using their limited web service.


  • TDD (Test Driven Development) / BDD (Behaviour Driven Development)
  • CI (Continuous Integration) / CD (Continuous deployment)
  • Laravel / CodeIgniter / WordPress
  • PHP / JavaScript (ES5/ES6+) / TypScript / Node.js
  • MySQL / SQL Server
  • VueJS / Backbone.js / jQuery
  • Tailwind CSS / LESS / PostCSS / SASS
  • Webpack / Gulp
  • Git / SVN
  • AWS / Firebase / Digital Ocean / Rackspace
  • Hobbyist : C# / Java
  • Hobbyist: Unity / Phaser