Cory Simmons

Full Stack Developer


Cory Simmons is a Senior Fullstack Developer whose strengths are JavaScript/ESNext, NodeJS, React & React Native, and UI design/CSS. In his decade of professional experience, he has touched hundreds of languages and frameworks. During his career he has won a Site of the Day Awwward; helped modernize and improve the performance of Teespring's frontend (10 million+ visitors/mo); lead frontend development for Grist (2 million visitors/mo); wrote a book on responsive web-design; spoken at multiple conferences; produced courses and articles for nearly all major web-development publications; authored multiple libraries on Github with many-thousands of Stars, being used by some very big brands, like Intel.


  • Freelance

    2008 - Present

    Cory pursued, managed, and created graphics & web-designs, and developed websites & webapps, for a variety of clients.

    Noticeable clients include: Scholastic (graphic design); World Vision Charities (multi-user WordPress blog network); Fastcase (design and WordPress development); Mojotech (Next.js development); Thx2go (design, Node API, React PWA, React Native app); Bethesda Softworks ( i18n).

    Technologies used: PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, Lodash, Node, Vue, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, React, React Native, Redux, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, AWS, and much more.

  • Author

    TutsPlus, CSS Tricks, .net Magazine, Packt Publishing

    2010 - Present

    Cory has written a book, published articles with practically every major web-development blog in the industry, produced video courses and tutorials, and spoke at conferences to hundreds of people. ᠅ ᠅

  • Frontend Lead



    Apr 2015 - Jun 2016

    As the Frontend Lead with Grist (2 million monthly views), Cory created mini-sites (like "Grist 50" and long form stories) while helping modernize their architecture from SVN/Grunt to GitHub/Gulp.

    While there, he implemented the AMP version of the site and designed/developed many design features from navigation to typography and lots of performance tweaks (like making images responsive which instantly made almost every page load a few seconds faster).

  • Frontend Developer


    Providence, RI

    Oct 2013 - Feb 2015

    Cory worked onsite on the Teespring project.

    He was responsible for cleaning up the entire project's codebase (linting/formatting), then safely migrating the app from a grab-bag
    of frameworks to a single, well-organized, custom CSS/JS framework using a Rails backend.

    Every commit had to be near-perfect in its scope and thoroughly tested. To confirm this, every commit was inspected by 2 teams of developers.

    Cory also worked on a marketing site for NeighborhoodScout while there.

    While there he had a side project called Jeet which garnered a lot of attention from the web-development community (and has since gone on to become the most popular Stylus framework on GitHub), and won many design awards including a Site of the Day Awwward.

    In Dec. 2017, he redevelop their website ( with performance in mind using Next.js.



  • Jeet


    Cory built Jeet for his real-world use case of having a freelance client who routinely wanted to see different sizes/shapes of columns of his designs.

    Jeet is a grid system for humans. That is, it is insanely terse and intuitive. It was built by wrapping a few complex math formulas into intuitive preprocessor mixins, Jeet became a community favorite in the grid system scene. Its website has since gone on to win many design awards.

    It currently has over 3,000 Stars on GitHub and is one of the most popular Stylus and Sass plugins.

  • Lost Grid


    Cory created Lost Grid as a fresh take on grid systems. It relies heavily on CSS's calc() feature, and is built using PostCSS (an AST accessed/manipulated via Node.js) so it works with any preprocessor or simply vanilla CSS, from a single codebase.

    It has been used on countless big sites including Laracasts and (which won a Site of the Day Awwward).

    It currently has over 4,000 Stars on GitHub, and is consistently one of the most popular PostCSS plugins on (


  • React
  • React Native
  • Redux
  • MobX
  • JavaScript
  • ESNext
  • Node
  • Express/Koa/Micro
  • AWS API Gateway, Lambda Functions, and S3
  • Firebase/Firestore
  • SQL, NoSQL
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch
  • Hand-drawn illustrations


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