Brandon Birkholz

Software Engineer


  • Senior Software Engineer

    Evidation Health


    Jul 2021 - Present

    Working on the Achievement team building apps to reward millions of individuals for participating in cutting edge health research.

  • Senior Full-Stack Engineer


    San Francisco, CA

    Sep 2018 - Jun 2020

    Overhauled Instacart's SMS infrastructure with support for SMS short codes, customer-shopper conversation over SMS, significantly higher SMS bandwidth, and much shorter delivery times (from a few minutes at minimum to upwards of an hour or more, to 99.9% delivering in just a few seconds). Although push notifications are greatly favored due to their higher reliability, SMS is a vital part of Instacart's service in neighborhoods with poor internet speeds.

    Built shopper feedback and ratings mechanisms for shoppers to provide feedback to Instacart to report issues and help make the service better for shoppers, such as NPS.

    Assisted with moving Instacart's Ads platform from Ruby to Go, with ad requests shrinking from 1.5s average to sub-100ms unlocking potential for less obstructive ads for customers. I was proud to work on an ads platform that improved the customer experience instead of hindering it.

  • Senior Full-Stack Engineer


    San Francisco, CA

    May 2015 - Jan 2018

    Designed a microservice-style architecture to supplant the legacy code base with the capabilities to scale the company to new markets and business strategies, along with the tools necessary to rapidly iterate and evolve.
    Designed and implemented an API gateway to serve as the front-end for the internal tools and public web app, along with an authentication and communication scheme for services.
    Overhauled the account management system, to enable users to have a single session across all applications, and give end users the ability to access and edit their information themselves.
    Created ZeroCater's first public API, working with developers from our customers to support their internal tools using our data.

  • Full-Stack Engineer

    Bixly Inc

    Fresno, CA

    Jun 2012 - May 2015

    Worked with a wide variety of customers to engineer various projects ranging in time from one month to over a year. Refined and strengthened my skills at bootstrapping greenfield projects, as well as improving existing applications for speed and efficiency. Also helped with mentoring new hires by pair programming on smaller projects.


  • My Outfits

    Side Project

    My Outfits is a full-stack web application built in Python/Django. It provides users with an interface for keeping a catalog of all their clothes along with pictures and meta information about each item. Users can build outfits, track wear history, and view detailed charts about their wardrobe such as how many pairs of boots they own or how much they've spent on jeans.