Bethany Brown

Senior Service Designer


I am a Design Consultant with eight years of professional experience in Service Design. I have worked across a variety of sectors and I'm passionate about creating products and solutions that drive positive change for customers and employees. I provide strategic direction, conduct user research, lead and facilitate design sprints and workshops, manage and lead projects, run and facilitate co-creation, build prototypes and work with multidisciplinary teams. I have worked for clients in air travel, hospitality, public services, non-profit, luxury retail, robotics, and telecoms.


  • Senior Service Designer


    San Francisco

    Mar 2020 - Present

    I currently lead Service Design related project work, I support the delivery of internal practice leading initiatives to grow ServiceDesign in the US. I helped right Signature Moments by Idean; I wrote an article on Pandemics impact on Service; I improved the employee experience at a major social media company and I connected retail experiences between online and in-store.

  • Senior Design researcher consultant



    Jan 2020 - Present

    I continue to consult the design process for new product launches amongst Advance Digital team

  • Senior Service Designer


    San Francisco

    Nov 2018 - Dec 2019

    As a Senior Service Designer I was responsible for leading, executing and delivering all Service Design work at Digitalist San Francisco. I lead projects that required managing teams in Vancouver and London working cross-functionally with VX / UX / Dev and senior management. In addition, I supported sales and marketing in the selling of Service Design responsible for $200k in revenue.

  • Senior Service Designer

    Hitachi R&D

    Santa Clara, California

    Mar 2018 - Oct 2018

    I worked to implement Service Design practice's at Hitachi America's Design Lab. I facilitated the Design Lab's vision and mission workshops, and developed best practice tools designed to merge service design principles with future Hitachi R&D endeavours. External to our Lab I created Hitachi Robotics use-cases, built new procurement processes for Hitachi procurement, and facilitated the R&D lab's new vision. My work at Hitachi was successful in implemention a foundation of Service Design tools and practices.

  • Service Designer

    Engine Service Design

    Dubai & London

    Oct 2016 - Dec 2017

    At Engine I was a Service Designer for both the London and Dubai branches. Throughout my time there At Engine, I honed my Service Design perspective through a multi-year engagement with a remit to revolutionise the customer experience at Dubai Airport. Throughout my time on this project, I developed a customer journey, and stakeholder map that ultimately identified opportunities to significantly improve the customer experience within the context of the client's long term vision and strategy. Finally, I worked with a team to roll-out a customer centric solution to airport employees, and facilitated implementation of a customer strategy that resulted in Dubai Airport's success in winning a DBA Gold award for customer experience.

  • Service Designer / User Experience Designer

    EPAM systems

    London, UK

    Jan 2016 - Oct 2016

    At EPAM I worked at the nexus of UX and Service Design. I redesigned process journey maps for a digital team in a telecoms company. I created a chatbot for a luxury retail brand and I worked with a luxury sports brand to build use-cases for the adoption of new technologies. 20 additional work streams came from the projects I was a part of at EPAM.

  • Assistant Manager and Designer


    London, UK

    Jun 2015 - Jan 2016

    At Plinthe I designed and delivered kitchens. My main responsibility was to improve their customer experience. The experience spanned from the initial engagement with Plinthe, until eating meals in the kitchens made by Plinthe. I did this by redesigning customer engagement journeys, ensuring their kitchen needs were met quickly. I then visualised their desired kitchen designs, meeting customer expectations as well as project scopes. Finally, I facilitated kitchen implementation. In the end every customer I worked with was satisfied

  • Product and Service Designer


    Edinburgh, Scotand

    Jan 2013 - Jan 2015

    A breakdown of my time freelancing:
    • Designed and prototyped a toy for children living in the Democratic Republic of Congo 2013
    • I designed the first iteration of a sustainable product for girls experiencing their first period in developing countries, this product is now on the market. 2014.
    • I worked as the teddy bear designer on a 2 for 1 business model project for - selling a teddy bear to children in north america while its partnering bear went to children in a refugee camp. 2014.
    • I facilitated a partnership between ACCF foundation and Edinburgh Napier, running a competition for students to design a hand bag that would be made and sold in the middle east. The student's winning bag design project went into production in sept 2014.


  • Edinburgh Napier University

    Bachelor of Honours in Product Design

    2010 - 2014

    I designed and created PlayGarden which gained the university international publicity with my work being published in the BBC (including TV and Radio), The Times, The Herold, A World At School Campaign and South China Morning Post.


  • DBA Award


    Dec 2017

    The Dubai Airports Hospitality Programme won the Bronze Design Effectiveness award